Barceltécnica is proud to be one of the main electrical equipment distributors, offering a high-quality customised customer service.

Barceltécnica Moçambique, Lda. was established on May 4th, 2012, as part of the strategy of internationalisation of the Portuguese company Barceltécnica - Mat. Eléctrico, S. A.

With 18 years of experience in the electrical equipment distribution market in Portugal, it intends to expand its know-how to the Mozambican market.

With the strategic location in Beira as a competitive advantage, we intend to supply the Centre and Northern provinces of the country.

The establishment of the company in Mozambique aims at:

  • Contributing to the local economic and social development;
  • Expanding and modernising the electrical infrastructures;
  • Offering specialised services of support to the production activity;
  • Bringing in high-quality services and products;
  • Improving the supply to the internal market;
  • Passing on know-how in the area of electricity;
  • Creating jobs for national workers and increasing the professional qualifications od the Mozambican workforce;
  • Promoting the technological development and the increase in business productivity and efficiency.

Rua do Algarve, n.º 6406, Bairro dos Pioneiros
Cidade da Beira
Província de Sofala


GPS Coordinates
latitude: 19° 49' 18.0' S
longitude: 34° 50' 45.7' E

+258 22 32 637

Mobile Phone
+258 847 246 829 / 845 212 367


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